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The Royal Armouries, West Yorkshire

Seminar 1.33

Details and Booking Form

Please note : The seminar tickets are being released in several batches. The tickets available at the moment are from the first batch.

Training seminar details :-

Seminar Cost Training seminar will cost £65 for both days, or £50 for one day.
Seminar Places Places are limited so please complete the booking form asap.
Your place is not guaranteed until you have sent in a Booking Form, paid and received a confirmation e-mail.
T-Shirts T-Shirts will cost £10.00 each and should be ordered in advance via the booking form.
These are limited edition and only available to those attending the seminar.
These should be paid for in advance and will be collected on the day. Sizes available are XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.
Timetable Places on some sessions will be limited (first come first served).
Timetable is subject to change dependant on attendance and instructor availability. Any changes will be identified on the morning of the day.
Handling & 1.33 Viewing Session Places on these sessions are limited. Please respect the fact you are viewing genuine artefacts from the Royal Armouries Collection and ensure you follow the instructions provided by Museum staff at all times.
Those wishing to attend a viewing session will be required to present a valid Photo ID on the day (i.e. Passport or Driving License).
Weapons Please bring along your own Weapons if possible.
These should be metal, blunt and suitable for European martial arts.
You would ideally need to bring a single handed medieval (arming) sword, Messer, buckler and Viking round shield. A limited amount of club weapons/shields will be available on the day, subject to availability and borrowed at your own risk.
Sparring During any sparring sessions coaches will be available to supervise. Please bring along your own protective equipment and mask.
Some communal kit will be made available on the day. Please be safety aware during such sessions.
General Public As part of the arrangements we have with the Armouries we will be providing a viewing area for the public so that they can see what Historical European Martial Arts are all about.
Please be respectful of the fact that we are not in a closed door environment and feel free to talk to the visitors if they ask you questions.
Also, if you could keep everyone’s safety and security in mind over the weekend it would be appreciated. Weapons must be transported safely between workshop classes.
Accomodation A preferential rate will be agreed with the Holiday Inn Express, Armouries Drive, Clarence Dock, Leeds LS10 1LE
More details will follow on this. To book phone 0113 380 4400.
Saturday Meal If you would like to join us at Red Hot World Buffet on the Saturday evening please pick the relevant option when completing the booking form.
The meal will cost around £16 and is all you can eat, plus drinks.
For more information go to: http://leedsredhot.co.uk/

Training seminar places cost £50 a day or £65 for both days, and T-Shirts (for attendees, to be collected at the event) are £10 each.

To reserve a place :-

  1. Complete the booking form below, indicating which days you'd like to attend. As soon as the timetable is confirmed we'll email you to choose your preferred sessions.

  2. Once filled out, hit the 'send and pay' button at the bottom of the page to send your form and checkout with paypal.*

  3. Look out for an email confirming your booking.

*Please note : Although payment is processed via paypal, a paypal account is not required. When viewing your invoice within paypal you can select to make payment with either a debit or credit card.

Saturday the 9th May 2020

Meal on Saturday Evening

Sunday the 10th May 2020


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Booking Terms and Conditions

By signing up to attend this event you are agreeing to the following:

  • I agree to undertake instruction in the principles of historical martial arts, as explained by class instructors.
  • I understand that whilst every care is taken to give safe instruction, I accept that my instructors are not legally responsible for any accidents or injuries, which may occur whilst I am training in class.
  • I understand that I am expected to maintain a standard of behaviour, both during training and in general, which will not bring the event, associated organisations or the Royal Armouries Museum into disrepute, knowing that failure to do so may result in expulsion.
  • I will immediately inform an instructor if I believe that anything is unsafe or beyond my capability and withdraw myself from the class.
  • I understand it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of those I train with is not compromised by my actions.
  • I grant permission to SoCA, KDF, EHCG and the Royal Armouries to take and publish photographs of me for promotional purposes.
  • I attest that I am in good physical condition and have no known or suspected medical conditions that would preclude vigorous physical activity.
  • I consent to receive first aid advice or treatment from a certified first aider in the event of sustaining an injury.
  • I accept full responsibility and consider myself fit to undertake martial arts training.
  • Information held about you by the event will be in accordance with current data protection regulation, will be securely stored and will not be used for any other purposes other than those related to the safe running of the event, without prior consent.