KDF Leeds
The Royal Armouries, West Yorkshire

Seminar 1.33

Seminar Timetable and Workshop Details

Timetable and further workshop information to follow as confirmed (expected before the end of March)

Seminar Workshop Overviews (more to follow as details confirmed)

Workshop : Hans Talhofer's two free stances with the buckler and with the messer

Instructor : Konrad Kessler

Description :
Hans Talhofer's manuscripts depict a use of the buckler different from the techniques of the I.33.
His fencing from the two free stances with the buckler and with the messer defer especially in the the positioning of the buckler to protect the sword hand. Talhofer's use of the buckler turns the small hand shield from a protective equipment into a adequate side weapon that is used tactically and offensive. The workshop will explore the difference in the positioning of the buckler in the two free stances and discuss the advantages and disadvantages as well as develop some of the techniques from Talhofer's manuscripts.

Equipment required :
Sword & Buckler, Messer (Mask and gloves are optional)

Workshop : Fiore dei Liberi's Spada a Una Mano; What, Why and How

Instructor : Luke Ireland

Description :
Amongst the weapons covered in Fior di Battaglia, Fiore chose to include a section on the longsword in one hand, Spada a Una Mano.
In this workshop we will be taking a look at the specifics of the weapon. Why we think Fiore included a section using in one hand, a weapon that's most often thought of as two handed. And seeing how this fits within the wider context of both Fiore's holistic system and the martial culture of 14th and 15th century Europe.

Equipment required :
Mask, gloves, longsword. Arming swords are optional